Thursday, 16 April 2015

3 Top Tips to Reduce your Exhibition Travel Expenses

Frequent travellers to business exhibitions around the world would understand how difficult it is to travel from exhibition to another and incur huge expenses on air fare, hotel, and food. As important as trade shows are to your business, they are expensive; saving on essentials can go a long way to reduce that expense.

Let’s understand how you can reduce your exhibition travel expenses:

Air Fare

A substantial part of your expense is going to go towards air fare. Frequent fliers are definitely going to benefit from their frequent flier miles, but if you don’t have anything like that, you can try booking a few months in advance. Most exhibition dates are fixed, so you can easily book your flight a few months prior to the event and save a substantial sum.


Visiting a trade show or an exhibition helps you network with people, which is an added business incentive. So the best approach is to book the same hotel where the exhibition takes place. It might be more expensive than the surrounding hotels, but the added advantage of networking and creating business contacts negates that cost.

Hire a Travel Company

There are many travel companies out there which specifically deal with trade show travel. They have tie ups with hotels and airlines and can provide you the best deals for both. Plus, you get the added advantage of getting everything done for you.

So for your next trade show, follow these 3 top tips and save on your business expenses.


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